Café Joe

Stepping Up Café Joe’s Online Presence and Digital Data Management


After rebranding in 2014, Café Joe, Israel’s largest café chain, including Café Joe branches in Menta gas station convenience stores, decided to diversify with the marketing of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machines. The goal was to offer its store patrons and in-transit customers another way to enjoy the Café Joe experience, and this time at home.

The nationwide distribution infrastructure of Café Joe, including points of sale at Menta convenience stores, enabled the company to sell their coffee capsules at 250 points of sale. It was obvious that establishing an online sales platform would be critical for improving the convenience of purchase, facilitating efficient distribution and communicating directly with customers.

Debby & Ron designed and executed Café Joe's promotional site and engineered the development and design of a concept for the company’s e-commerce platform. This project essentially marked the launch of the chain’s digital division.
The project demanded creating a forward-thinking synergy between the company’s existing digital platforms and the new e-commerce platform, including cross-platform interfacing capabilities that would enable the company to gather and analyze data from buyer and customer profiles from one central command center. With these new tools, the company can identify online only customers and offer them special deals for offline purchases using points accumulated with each online purchase in order to increase offline sales.
Development of the e-commerce platform was performed simultaneously with the design and inauguration of Café Joe’s mobile customer loyalty program, an app that replaced the customer loyalty membership cards and the perforated paper cards used by customers in Café Joe branches to accumulate points with each purchase. With the new customer loyalty program, customers can accumulate points with each purchase, whether online or off-line and redeem them in Café Joe branches for select items and beverages from the menu.
Café Joe has benefited greatly from working with the same digital marketing agency for over four years. The company can now access a broad cross section view of all their digital media platforms, enabling them to increase the effectiveness of media campaigns by more accurately defining each target audience and the most suitable medium of communication.
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