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Peilim is one of Israel's prominent investment portfolio management companies, with a versatile group of clients and vast knowledge of global financial trends.

Today, industry leaders are expected to constantly provide interesting analysis and insights on topical issues and develop new paradigms to reflect their company's valuable expertise.

Peilim specializes in its ability to provide in-depth analysis on complex economic issues in a way that is easy to understand. We decided to leverage this unique expertise by creating a weekly web TV show in collaboration with Israel's most popular news website, Ynet, to cultivate a direct link between Peilim and the public. The report featured senior company executives discussing relevant monetary topics from around the globe, underscoring their significance and impact on each and every one of us.
From art auctions to the Olympics, elections in Spain to global environmental conferences, Peilim's weekly reports spotlighted a diverse spectrum of issues. Combining the utmost financial professionalism and a touch of humor, Peilim advised investors where to invest their money. The show was viewed by thousands of Ynet readers every week- and by over a million per season- who were in turn introduced to the advantages of Peilim's investment portfolio management.
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