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A Better Morning


In recent years, the food industry in Israel has undergone a transformation, and is required to meet new and more stringent health standards. Unilever is a global corporation that has raised the banner of the value of trust and of leading an agenda of responsibility, at the various levels of consumers' lives. In light of the health care reforms initiated by the Minister of Health, the Telma brand of breakfast cereals has sought to seize the opportunity to expand the brand's assets and take ownership of the morning routine, way beyond the family’s breakfast table.

The Telma brand is committed to giving the family all the tools, tips, and ways that will help them make their morning better. In order to provide these tools and up-to-date and useful information to consumers, we have formed a partnership with the Yedioth Group under the content brand name, "A Better Morning". Through this collaboration, we have created a home of innovative branded content that envelops the consumer in all content interfaces: newspapers, a website, and social networks. Through the "A Better Morning" content brand name, parents have gained a new and varied set of tools to start the day: starting with leading a healthier lifestyle, that includes a balanced diet and regular fitness activities, to emotional and professional support for parents who, through proper morning conduct at home, can encourage their children to become champions on the path to achieving self-fulfillment.
We have presented the content in an assortment of packages, Internet surfing activities, a series of videos with experts who visited the families' homes, and content articles in newspapers and on the website. And, of course, we can’t go without mentioning the champion from the brand’s packages, Omri Caspi, who participates with and accompanies the readers.
The content activity has met and even exceeded the quantitative goals, including exposure, involvement, time spent on the article, and clicks to the site. But, beyond these metrics, and after four successful seasons, the content brand has completed marketing and field activities (family sports camps, in tandem with the company and community youth and sports centers), and has established Telma among Israelis as the trusted and preferred brand of breakfast cereals.
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