Rebranding campaign


Ice cream as an industry has evolved tremendously since the simple days of “vanilla or chocolate?” After all, people of all ages want to enjoy ice cream as a holistic and sensory experience, not just to cool off on a hot day.

Our rebranding concept needed to differentiate Vaniglia from run-of-the-mill ice cream parlors and establish the chain’s new branding concept as high-end and fun.

We decided to rework the brand’s marketing voice and advertising language across all Vaniglia’s digital media.

We produced a fashion shoot using summery pastel colors for a trendy look with a 60s vibe, bold candy-tone make-up and colorful lollipops – to stimulate a craving for ice cream and introduce Vaniglia’s new slogan: “The perfect cone” (which in Hebrew also translates to mean "the holy grail").
We launched the campaign on billboards across Tel Aviv and used the new advertising language throughout Vaniglia’s digital media.
The unique concept was on everyone’s lips, and triggered fervent discussions in closed groups. The campaign made it onto the prestigious “Ads of the World” website, Vaniglia noted an impressive increase in sales and the brand accumulated new Facebook followers across all digital media channels.
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