The Phoenix

The Phoenix

Insurance company

The Phoenix is one of the biggest and most renowned insurance companies in Israel. It provides a wide variety of insurance products as well as Long-Term Savings' services of almost every possible kind. The company is experiencing extensive growth and high-paced development of its services and is experiencing a business leap that is expressed in impressive financial results.

Alongside technological innovation and a great deal of improvement in the level of customer satisfaction, in the past two years The Phoenix gained public recognition for its high-quality investment team. This team is responsible for putting the savers' assets in investment channels that will yield the highest revenue in the medium and long run.


As opposed to what one may think, there is a huge importance as to who manages your money. Different investment teams have different tactics and strategies, as well as different perspectives and work techniques. All of the latter together create different investment schemes that result in the yield levels one would get in each and every insurance company or Investment House.


Among Israel's leading insurance companies-that naturally manage the biggest volumes of assets- The Phoenix performs better than all of its competitors when it comes to creating revenue for its savers. This is a result of its ability to create a high quality squad of in-house analysts, researchers and experts that supply the decision-makers with all relevant tools on which market is hot, which share is worth buying, which sector is expected to devalue and when exactly is it best to buy or sell. Despite having a relatively small team in personnel compared to competitors, The Phoenix managed to build a group of trust-worthy experts that bring the highest yield in the market, and the company as a whole enjoys greatly from this reputation.


The role of Debby Communications was to portray The Phoenix's expertise to journalists who cover issues of pension funds and savings, and more specifically, our goal was to communicate to them the significance of the Investment Squad's activity over the savers' yield. In the past year, The Phoenix's 'Investment Experts' received much awareness throughout the media channels, and the message of "Investment expertise is important as management fees" was vastly incorporated in relevant articles.


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