The Oil Spill Disaster

On February 17th, 2021, a major oil spill was discovered on Israeli shores in what became Israel's worst environmental disaster ever. The oil spilled from a tanker in the Mediterranean. The disaster exposed Israel's lack of preparedness for such events. As an organization dedicated to protecting the sea and beaches, Tzalul immediately joined the efforts to clean the spill and raise public awareness of the disaster.


From the first days of the spill, Debby team had worked determinedly with reporters to get them to cover the incident. A formal statement was spread, and briefings were set for CEO Maya Yacobs and Dr. Yoram Arbel. Those efforts bore fruits. News outlets started to comprehend the severity of the situation and covered it more intensively.
Amid the media work, the team realized that at this time it is crucial not to act alone. Therefore, a coalition of environmental organizations, with Tzalul lead, was formed and worked together to raise awareness and clean the spill. Among other actions, the coalition held a major joint press briefing and coordinated media affairs.


The oil spill has become one of the most prominent topics on the news. Tzalul itself had appeared in over 100 different media publications, including TV interviews, front cover stories, and international media.
Above the media accomplishments, the growing public awareness has led to tens of thousands of volunteers who helped clean and restore the beaches.

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