ICL Train

Deeply rooted in the Negev Desert, with the majority of its employees residing in this region, the company decided to redecorate the train carrying the potash from the Negev to the seaports with the colors of the Israeli flag.

Since decorating and creating a quality visual image are two separate concepts, a group of creative talents invested long hours to design a movie clip and a series of photos that will epitomize the train’s journey along the desert scenery. This ultimately underscored the close connection between the company and the region. At this stage, all the creative forces involved in the cinematic operations got into action and had frequent discussions in the days leading to the clip’s production.

Once produced, it generated a lot of interest on social media, received thousands of views, and was widely shared. Debby Communications worked to secure publicity for the campaign across local media outlets in the Negev region, aiming first and foremost to convey the clip’s message to ICL employees and the communities surrounding the company’s facilities.

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