The ISCO-IL launches a new campaign to combat cyberharrasment

In a new video produced by the Israeli Internet Association to combat cyberbullying and violence, teenagers are asked to read cruel and hurtful comments written by adults.

“Ugly cow”; “Fat pig”; “Worse than Hitler”-these are some of the vicious online comments a group of teenagers reads in front of the camera as part the ISCO-IL’s new campaign; a campaign created to combat cyberbullying and harassment in anticipation of Safe Internet Week.

In the video, the teenagers are shocked to discover the brutal comments were written by adults, and later refuse to repeat them when their younger siblings enter the room.

“It is unfair to expect adolescents to abstain from using violent language when the conversation around them is aggressive and cruel,” says Yoram Hacohen, CEO of the ISCO-IL. “The intolerant, impatient and violent discussion does not only occur online and our children learn from us how to express themselves and behave. A child who sees his parent, or any other adult, expressing themselves aggressively through a comment, post, Whatsapp message or to a teacher, doctor, other parent or friend, will most likely adopt the same behavior.”

An initial analysis of the inquiries submitted to the ISCO-IL’s Safe Internet Center shows that 65% of the applications deal with various forms of hurtful content including verbal violence, slander, bullying and sexual harassment.


Click here to watch the video


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