Rebranding campaign

Online Shopping in Israel:

The popularity of online shopping amongst Israeli consumers has begun to take on epic proportions.
The number of Israelis who shop online is growing exponentially every day – an impressive 74% of Israeli Internet users aged 18 and up engaged in online shopping in 2016, and some 77% are expected to make similar or additional volume of purchases in 2017 (IpsosMORI 2016)

PayPal 2017 digital campaign in Israel:

We’ve all felt the excitement of buying something new. Shopping online is an emotional experience: from the initial thrill of selecting and ordering the item, through the anticipation of the parcel’s arrival, and finally, the very unboxing moment.
Backed with a data-based analysis of the most popular online shopping verticals among Israelis, we tailored a campaign that tells the story of five ordinary human experiences, while highlighting coveted items that were ordered from various cities around the world: a pirate-themed birthday party, a thrilling Xbox tournament, doing Yoga, showing off new fashion accessories, and going camping with friends.
Shopping online with PayPal is much more than just long-distance payment – it is about the personal l experience – we explore, choose, invest, anticipate, and celebrate.
PayPal enables hundreds of millions of people around the world to experience the global eCommerce party safely, from anywhere, on any device and at any time.


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