The first racing league for private cars


The Cadillac "Time Attack"  League was established at a time when the Motor Sport industry began expanding and gaining popularity in Israel, and new race routes were being paved. Cadillac "Time Attack" League is the first league in Israel where amateur drivers can legally compete in a regulated league and structured tracks with their private vehicles, approved and supported by the Sports Driving Authority at the Israeli Ministry of Sports. 90 drivers competed in five races which took place in a period of five months.


The American luxury brand Cadillac underwent a revolution in its branding strategy as well as in its line of products, during which many resources were granted in the purpose of changing the brand's DNA – making it younger, as well as more sportive and technological. The need to communicate Cadillac's new brand values to customers was awakened when new, excellent models were launched.
Together with Cadillac we worked to establish the league and cooperated with its organizers. We constructed messages targeting motor sports fans as well as Cadillac's customers, while emphasizing the new sports values of the brand. Much of the decision to establish the league was based on the ability to receive high quality media and public exposure.
The media strategy included a tight, professional and real-time leverage to all races and results. In addition, we aimed at strengthening the brand's standing among new audiences by reaching out through an array of media opportunities and platforms, and not solely from the field of motor sport.


Five months since its establishment, the league generated more than 80 high-quality publications in a wide range of leading media, motor and sports magazines. as well as television programs. The publications were also circulated on social media and shared by league drivers, enthusiast, and viewers. According to a report by Ifat Media Research, the media exposure generated by the league is estimated to be worth 1.5 million NIS.

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