HP Inc.

HP Inc.

Portable printer for the mobile generation


HP launched its new HP Sprocket Photo Printer in Israel- a hand-sized, portable and simple-to-use printer that can immediately print photos from your smartphone and social media. Tech gadgets are usually geared towards a specific tech-oriented community, but this time HP created a product that appeals to a different generation of consumers that speak a different language with different desires and varying consumer habits. This required an integrative media campaign that will position the printer as a young and innovative consumer product without losing its technological edge.


We worked alongside HP to plan an interactive press event at the trendy "America" restaurant, which illustrated the printer's unique applicability for creating memorable and instantly shareable experiences. Due to the exclusive venue and through a variety of visual attractions we were able to transform the event into an experiential happening that strongly conveyed the Sprocket's concept of creating and printing memories.
Furthermore, we invited a wide range of journalists, bloggers and social media influencers to the event, so as to create a comprehensive, 360 degree campaign that will increase the exposure across diverse targeted audiences and across various media platforms.


The event was ultimately attended by 35 journalists, opinion leaders and bloggers from all fields who took photos and engaged in the fun. Consequently, the attendees significantly deepened their understanding of the product. As a result, the product received extensive coverage across both traditional and social media, with over 20 articles published in leading websites and thousands of views on Youtube and Instagram.

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