Huggies - Influencers Campaign

The leading diapers brand Huggies, by Kimberly Clark, sought a way of telling a new story for their Extra Care products, that will connect parents in a deeper level, following two recent campaigns.

Debby team's strategy was to link the COVID pandemic to a social media campaign, led by top influencers.

Five influencers who experienced birth during the pandemic were chosen: Liron Revivo, Nofar Mor, Dana Grotsky, Liran Kohener and Zak Simon. The influencers team had over 714,000 followers and a diverse target audience in terms of demographics, residence, ages, and so on.

The influencers kicked off the campaign with a story in which they asked women who had recently given birth to share a funny, sad, or emotional moment from their delivery experience during COVID. Five winners were chosen from among thousands of responses, and they each received a private visit from an influencer as well as a special Huggies gift. In addition, the campaign collaborated with the very popular Guy Pines digital desk and was echoed with PR.

The results were astounding. The campaign's content was viewed by over 2,031,050 people. Tens of thousands of women have expressed interest in participating in the campaign, engaged with the content, and shared it. With an accurate casting of influencers and a creative and innovative strategy that began with identifying a social want and was able to combine digital and physical spaces, the campaign helped to shed a more personal light on Huggies, while emphasizing the product's advantages and brand values.



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