Jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon


The Jerusalem Winner Marathon is on of the largest and most important sporting events in Israel, and attracts tens of thousands of participants, professionals and amateurs, from all over the world. Following a break of about a year, the marathon resumed in 2021 and less than half a year later, the 11th marathon took place in 2022. The event's media coverage was led by Debby Group. After an extraordinary success in the 10th Jerusalem Winner Marathon, the main challenge was to maintain the media interest even after a short period.


The 11th marathon took place close to International Women's Day and Debby's team recognized an opportunity to produce a media move. We organized an event to honor female Israeli athletes, and on the occasion of her 70th birthday, we presented a certificate to runner Esther Roth-Shahamorov. Furthermore, the team located prominent participants at each end and generated media attention through them as well as provided assistance for the arrival of a runner from Ukraine.


An organized work plan, constant activity and the identification of opportunities resulted in a great deal of media success. Over 120 publications have appeared in national media outlets, across all platforms. There was significant coverage of the opening event as well as the days that followed and it was the most significant sporting event in the public discourse in those days.

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