GTC 2021

The international chip giant and AI developer NVIDIA holds the annual GTC conference, in which it showcases its latest developments. The major media challenges it raises are how to get as many reporters as possible to cover it, as well as how to simplify and make the complicated technical information more accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Strategy and Execution:

Debby team decided to focus on the applications and significance of the new technologies introduced. For example, NVIDIA CEO and founder, Jensen Huang's announcement about developing data centers CPUs was framed as a business triumph against competitors and thus received more attention.

Prior to the conference, a large press briefing was organized, which drew a large number of tech reporters from all relevant media outlets. In addition, some special stories were chosen and turned into news reports to promote the event in major media channels.


The GTC 2021 conference received extensive coverage from all relevant media channels, with over 35 publications across many platforms, including television. The coverage even crossed over into mainstream media from the realm of technology. The substantial media reach met the client's strategic and media objectives, and contributed to the GTC 2021 being one of the most well covered local tech conferences.

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