Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks

We began working with Palo Alto Networks, the largest cyber security company in the world, as the company was growing its footprint in Israel in terms of the local R&D site, employees, and customers.

Our plan was to focus on the company's successes, it's talented employees, as well as the growth and significance of the R&D center in Israel. After a series of high-level and in-depth articles and interviews with some of the company's employees and executives, our PR efforts brought Nir Zuk , the company's co-founder and CTO, to the front of the stage.

The public relations activity reflected the company's success and its professional leadership, positioned its spokespeople as thought leaders- specifically in Cyber, technology, and as an employer, and voiced the company's vision, insights, and plans for the future.

Palo Alto Networks is locally known and acknowledged as one of the best technology companies in the world, and Nir Zuk is one of the most recognized names in the Israeli tech ecosystem. In the last four years, Palo Alto Networks has experienced a 50% increase in media coverage, which included TV reports and interviews, appearances in conferences, and more. In 2021, the company was selected by "Duns & Bradstreet's" as one of the top 5 employers in Israeli high-tech.

Channel 12 News; The Best Employers in Israeli High-Tech, December 2021
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