The Diamond Bridge inauguration in Georgia


Debby Communications was chosen to promote in Israel the Diamond Bridge, a spectacular tourism project in Georgia. The purpose of the launch was to reveal the place as a new, attractive, and unique tourist site for Israeli tourists.
Before the media launch, the team went to the site for a preliminary tour, to optimally plan the visit of the journalists' delegation who was invited to the official launch event.
About 20 tourism and magazine reporters from all the main media in Israel were invited to the launch event. Before the departure of the delegation, expectations coordination talks were held with the chief editors to verify the date and scope of the publication in each of the media.
Among others, the delegation was joined by the forecaster of News 12, who broadcast live from the bridge for two days, and a team from "Erev Tov with Guy Pines", the leading entertainment program in Israel, who filmed a long article from the event.
At the same time as the activity with the journalists, we initiated cooperation with influencers and celebrities, who also went out with the delegation which resulted in wide exposure of the bridge on social media and the interest of their many followers regarding the bridge.
The project was a great success, with dozens of articles on all platforms, about half of which were extensive magazine articles. The publications about the bridge also reached the press in English and Russian and created very significant exposure for the site.


Main achievements:
- A delegation with 20 journalists and influencers went to Georgia for the official opening event. Diversity of journalists from different fields of coverage.
- Two days of live updates from the bridge on Keshet 12's morning show.
- Over 35 articles and items were published in Israel's main media.
- A 6-minute article on the program "Erev Tov with Guy Pines" that was filmed on the bridge itself and broadcast on Saturday night, with a rating of 9% in Jewish households.

The article from "Erev Tov with Guy Pines":
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