The Israel Internet Association

The Israel Internet Association

The gatekeeper of the Israeli Internet


The Israel Internet Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting public and governmental initiatives that impact the digital lives of the citizens and residents of Israel. The ISOC-IL works to keep the Israeli internet sphere active, stable and accessible to all and achieves its goals through various endeavors:

Managing the Israeli internet's technological infrastructure, raising awareness on core issues pertaining to safety, privacy and cyberbullying, establishing policies designated to ensure an open, neutral and independent web and reducing digital gaps amongst various social sectors.


We worked alongside the ISOC-IL to direct its activities and cultivate a stronger, pinpointed message that will resonate with both decision makers and the public, establishing it as the "Gatekeeper of the Israeli internet".
We decided to focus on two topical areas that highlight the ISOC-IL's relevancy: ensuring web users' safety and maintaining an independent and equalized internet sphere. We leveraged these topics amongst targeted audiences through campaigns, research and surveys, analysis of political debates, personal stories, in-depth interviews and strategic collaborations.


In the first few months of our partnership, we were able to secure quality coverage in over 140 publications across various leading news outlets that reached millions of readers and internet users.
Furthermore, over 4,000 requests were submitted to the ISOC-IL's hotline, signaling a 25% increase in public inquiries on issues of cyber violence and harassment.

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