Tiktok enjoys popularity and desirability and much popularity among the younger generation and is taking its place as their preferred social media channel.
However, social media channels are not only a place for connection and self-expression but also a perceived threat to privacy as well as to child safety.


As a leading brand, Tiktok understands it must take responsibility and lead the agenda of online safety; to raise awareness among the older generation, providing them with tools to monitor and control their children privacy.


Safe Internet Day – the Next Conference in partnership with Keshet 12 Group
Together with Israel’s leading media group Keshet 12, we formed a conference including senior representatives of Tiktok global, influencers and the Ministry of Education’s “Moked 105” – the national authority for child protection online.
The conference lasted 3 hours and was broadcasted on Keshet 12 in addition to designated content areas on Keshet 12’s digital assets Mako and N12, Keshet 12.
Promotion on various platforms: ad break promos, programming, interstitial clips and designated content areas on the Mako and N12 sites and apps helped promote and associate the agenda with the Tiktok brand. To conclude the day, we produced a special late-night show with Dror Globerman who interviewed Tiktok’s CEO in a conversation about social media challenges in the era of information.
The combination between Keshet 12 that created with us innovative and interesting content and the branding of the conference that enjoyed prominence and resonation in the various ad spaces resulted in an impactful move that connected between the agenda and the brand, positioning Tiktok as a social media channel that is responsible for its users’ safety, strategically working together with the regulator and others to benefit the public.


The live conference broadcast was viewed by approx. 500,000 people (6% ratings)
Videos of various lengths promoting the conference yielded 427 GRP
Conference broadcast on N12 yielded 168,767 views.
Promos yielded over 300,000 views.

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