TikTok, the most popular social network among teenagers and young people today, has decided to take charge of the online safety agenda, raising awareness among the elder generation and giving them with tools to monitor and govern their children's privacy. The company wished to promote those agendas in the Israeli media.
Debby Team seized the opportunity and initiated, in collaboration with Keshet 12 Group, the "Safe Internet Day" conference. The event was attended by senior TikTok executives from around the world, as well as influencers and representatives from the National Authority for Online Child Protection.
The conference was promoted, broadcasted, and covered across all of the Keshet 12 Group's assets, including television, the N12 and Mako websites, and social media. TV commercials, participation in other Keshet 12 programs, interludes, and online content channels were all used to promote it. TikTok was incorporated into all promotional materials, making it synonymous with the agenda.


The combination of Debby Group's creative force with Keshet 12 Group's media strength, created interesting and innovative content. The conference had a big impact on tying TikTok's brand to its agenda and positioning it as a social network that cares about its users' safety and leads strategic moves for the greater good.
• Over 500,000 watched the conference live on TV (6% ratings)
• Approx. 170,000 watched the conference online
• ~2.5M people were exposed to promotion contents

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