TLV in LDN Festival

TLV in LDN Festival

Israeli culture and propaganda - in the heart of Europe


This past September, London hosted the largest festival to ever take place in Europe to celebrate Israel's vibrant and diverse culture. Initiated by the Ministry of Public Diplomacy & Strategic Affairs and British-Jewish philanthropist Marc Worth, TLV in LDN showcased in London's most iconic stages and exposed over 15,000 Brits to the myriad of elements that make Israel and Tel Aviv leading cosmopolitan hubs in the fields of gastronomy, music, nightlife, style, and arts.


Bringing together some of Israel's most noteworthy artists including Esther Rada, Marina Maximillian, A-WA, Infected Mushroom, Dana International, Mira Awad, DJ Guy Gerber and more, our mission was to establish the TLV in LDN Festival as an unprecedented celebration of Israeli culture in Europe, whilst highlighting its significance to strengthening the dialogue and artistic exchange between Israel and the UK.
For this goal, we worked closely with the festival originators to design a three-phased communications strategy. It involved preliminary targeted media exposure, activity throughout the festival and a designated press delegation to secure coverage after the festival.


The festival received extensive positive coverage across all of the major media outlets in Israel, and the coverage successfully conveyed the festival's cultural vision and strategic importance.

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