Fighting the Traffic Problem


Traffic jams are a daily nuisance for most people in Israel and around the world. Even more frustrating road conditions are projected for the future due to continued urbanization and the lack of available traffic solutions.


After having completely changed the driving habits of millions of drivers in Israel and around the world, including having helped them deal with traffic jams, Waze has set a new goal of fighting traffic jams. Waze has identified carpooling as the fastest, most efficient and cheapest way to solve the problem of heavy traffic. By increasing the number of passengers per car, the number of cars on the road can be lowered. To advance its goal of encouraging carpooling, the company recently launched its Waze Carpool application in Israel and other countries, including the United States and Brazil. Waze continues working to support increased use of carpooling solutions in Israel and elsewhere.


When we began working together with Waze, we formulated a strategic plan especially adapted to the Israeli public for increasing awareness and ultimately leading to the adoption of carpooling solutions. In the first stage of the plan’s application, we initiated a comprehensive study among Israelis about traffic problems. The results were then publicized on leading media channels, including television, radio, online, the press and social networks.
At the same time, we started collaborating with local authorities in Israel to create a package of incentives to encourage carpooling, such as subsidized trips. We also launched a media campaign in the local, national and digital media to gain maximum exposure and achieve the widest possible adoption of carpooling solutions.


Due to our combined efforts in the media and with the public, we managed to increase the awareness of the carpooling solution among Israelis. We also strengthened its positioning as an effective solution for dealing with heavy traffic.
In the local authorities where we launched a joint campaign, we brought about an increase of tens of percentage points in the number of shared rides. As a result, we have been able to recruit additional authorities for similar projects. While we are just at the beginning of a complex process of addressing one of the Israeli public’s biggest nuisances, we have already witnessed encouraging results. We are excited to continue working with Waze in the fight against traffic jams.

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