Launch Campaign for New Brand of Pastry Dough

The Shimrit brand has enjoyed exclusivity in Israel’s fresh yeast product market for over 30 years. The brand has earned a long-standing reputation for quality, success and baking expertise.


In early 2017, Shimrit diversified, expanding into new sectors in the baking goods market. These include yeast flour and margarine as well as a completely new product containing two packages of pastry dough bases, one suitable for savory goods, such as quiches and savory pastries, and the other suitable for sweet goods, such as cookies and sweet pastries.

We led the campaign to launch Shimrit’s new pastry doughs, penetrating a market already saturated with pastry dough products. The launch needed to take place just before Shavuot, a Jewish holiday celebrated with a festive meal often featuring pastry-based dairy dishes. Competition for the attention of the target audience was at its peak.

We embarked on the campaign with a consumer promise: Shimrit's pastry dough makes light work of the daunting, labor-intensive task of baking for the Shavuot holiday.
We ran two parallel campaigns to get the word out:
1. We developed an online interface to deliver an interactive experience with Shimrit’s pastry dough to viewers.
The purpose of the interactive experience was to encourage consumers to download a “buy-one-get-one-free” coupon through their phones after they had participated in a unique Shavuot-themed virtual baking experience with pastry dough. The experience was promoted online through a series of pop-ups on various sites, a Google banner campaign and Facebook post/link campaign.
2. We produced a series of 10-second TV commercials, airing during cooking shows regarded as relevant to the target audience.
3. We developed and shared unique recipes with viewers, in collaboration with the online news site Nana 10, and through leading online blogs.
• 74,625 users visited the interface
• 2.71 pages were viewed on average on the interface
• 5,938 coupons were distributed
• An impressive 6.22% of visits resulted in coupon downloads
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