Creating a Digital Language


Rebar, Israel’s leading smoothies beverage brand, has been enjoying consumer popularity and loyalty for over a decade. However, its popularity has not been translated into a digital presence that matches its positive image with the public at large.

The brand promise we launched was “Do Yourself Some Good.” We saturated the many content fields with this message in order to connect and extend the Rebar consumption experience beyond the point of sale (online vs. offline). In addition, we established new assets in addition to Facebook and Instagram channels, including a Telegram channel for strengthening direct connections and the Good Stuff online magazine, with which we make professional and in-depth content accessible to nutrition and healthy lifestyle fans.
As part of our content work, we nurtured and increased the size of the brand community in existing assets, such as Facebook and Instagram, using unique content productions and maintaining a regular relationship with community members. Our activities were expressed in high levels of involvement as well as calls to action to visit the various branches using designated campaigns and sales-encouraging coupons.
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