Yad Mordechai

Yad Mordechai

Repositioning Campaign


In an era in which every household has their own favorite gourmet chef, and culinary reality shows are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, food is no longer just for basic survival. It’s a multi-sensory experience.

In 2015, Yad Mordechai decided to shed its long-standing reputation as the “honey factory label" and rebrand itself as a major player in the food preparation industry, offering a range of rich culinary experiences.

As part of Yad Mordechai's rebranding campaign, we created a new digital medium: Yad Mordechai’s Virtual Delicatessen — a website with an unconventional interactive search tool that enables targeted audiences to enhance their culinary knowledge and discover new flavors – with content ranging from interesting articles to useful professional tips and of course, recipes.
We chose Chef Barak Yehezkeli as the face of the campaign and kicked it off with a series of short but informative 30 to 50-second “foodie” videos. We posted them as pre-roll ads on YouTube, Yad Mordechai’s Facebook page and across all Yad Mordechai’s digital media to expose the new branding concept and encourage traffic to their site.
We also produced banner ads together with vibrant, exciting and detailed content to increase traffic to Yad Mordechai’s new digital medium.
A unique campaign with added-value, detailed content and high-quality production resulted in large-scale exposure and interest in Yad Mordechai.
An in-house study revealed that the campaign surpassed the organization’s benchmark in the highly-regarded parameters of credibility, relevance and messaging.
As of 2016, the campaign generated more than 10 million impressions and more than one million click-throughs.
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