Debby Group to manage the Haifa Port public relations efforts: “We appreciate the trust placed in us”

July 4, 2024

Debby Group to manage the Haifa Port public relations efforts: “We appreciate the trust placed in us”
The Debby Group has been chosen to manage public relations for Haifa Port, which serves as Israel’s largest and most strategically important port and the sole departure point in Israel for Mediterranean cruises. Moshe Debby, Founder and Chairman of Debby Group, emphasized Haifa Port’s significance, stating: “Haifa Port is the leading port in Israel, serving as a strategic asset.”
Under the leadership of port spokesperson and cruise director Zohar Rom, the Debby Group will manage the communication efforts for Haifa Port. With nearly 30 million tons of cargo passing through the port annually, it surpasses all other ports in Israel.

Haifa Port also leads in passenger and tourist ship services, hosting the country’s exclusive terminal for Mediterranean cruises. In January 2023, Israel completed the historic privatization of Haifa Port, part of broader port privatization reforms in the country. The contract to operate the port was awarded to the Israeli-Indian group Adani-Gadot.
“We are honored to work alongside Haifa Port and appreciate their trust in us,” says Moshe Debby. “The privatization of the Haifa Port marks a historic milestone for Israel, positioning it as a major trade route in the Middle East.”

The Haifa Port is managed by Dr. Ron Malka who serves as the Port’s Chairman, and Udi Sharon the CEO. The Haifa Port’s public relations activity will be led by Debby Group’s Deputy CEO Marina Kaplon Digmi and the Department Manager Ravit Brauman. Debby Group is one of the leading public relations, marketing communications and digital strategy agencies in Israel. The firm was founded in 2004 by Moshe Debby, who for over a decade served as the Chief Communications Officer in various government ministries. In 2012, Debby joined forces with advertising specialist, Ron Shelly to establish ‘Debby & Ron’ – a digital advertising and content marketing agency specializing in advanced new media platforms.

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