The Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo has chosen Debby Group to manage and lead PR and digital strategy activities

March 4, 2019

The Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo is currently marking 25 years of its founding as a pioneer in the revolution of the public colleges in Israel. As such, the academy defined a unique education model that combines experiential teaching, applied research and community involvement. The teaching emphasizes work in the field, while assimilating and processing the learning in the classroom, in small groups and under ongoing guidance and guidance. Recently, the college – which was the first to award Master’s degree in a variety of fields – announced another academic revolution: the experiential courses – dozens of courses of action that are adapted to the labor market undergoing changes beyond recognition.
The strategic change in all aspects of the program, as well as the events of the 25th anniversary of the founding of The Academic College of Tel Aviv–Yaffo, will continue to lead: Nadav Berkowitz, Michal Talmid, Arik Elad, Amir Moshe, Tal Sapir and Shay Atira.

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