The Authority For The Advancement Of The Status Of Women

The Authority For The Advancement Of The Status Of Women

International Women's Day is one of the main pillars in the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women's (AASW) calendar. The AASW is working all year round to promote gender equality in Israel and the International Women's Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the topics it deals with. Debby team started drafting the media plan beforehand and prepared for intensive activity, in accordance with the AASW's capabilities.


The Debby team, along with the AASW, picked COVID-19's effect on women as the main focal point for 2021 International Women's Day. The team carried out a survey that demonstrated the hardships the pandemic inflicted on women. In addition, the team secured the participants of the AASW CEO, Eva Madjiboj, in a major convention of the leading news website YNET, as an important and influential public figure.


The AASW received wide and meaningful exposure around International Women's Day, with dozens of publications on all platforms. The survey also got published and influenced public discourse. The media team has reached its goals and managed to create eminence and quality exposure for the client in a highly competitive field.

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