Web Series and Lead Generation Campaign


Meshekard is a major leading consumer membership card for residents from Israel’s cooperative sector: kibbutzim, agricultural settlements, and employees of kibbutz industries. Tens of thousands of cardholders enjoy a wide range of discounts, special deals, and benefits through various media platforms. But most of Meshekard’s target audience isn’t even aware of its existence and Meshekard had quite a way to go to fulfill its business potential.

We designed the campaign to boost awareness amongst the target audience and generate new leads (grow cardholder base).

We produced a four-part series of online video shorts (to generate demand) featuring a familiar TV figure much-loved by the target audience, to build demand for content within the relevant target audience, and leverage this demand for an ad and banner campaign across digital media.
We recruited Ami Smolartchik – from the famous Israeli cult film “Operation Grandma” which depicts life on a typical kibbutz – to star in Meshekard’s new series.
Smolartchik plays a former kibbutznik currently living in the city who travels from one kibbutz to the next in the hope of persuading the kibbutz administration to accept him. The desirability of Meshekard is the driving force behind the plot and the reason Smolartchik is so eager to return to life on the kibbutz. Each episode recounts his attempt to curry favor with the kibbutz administration through ridiculous schemes and silly strategies.
The result is an entertaining and hilarious online short-video series that depicts kibbutz life and inside jokes that only a true kibbutznik can understand.
Parallel to the launch of the series, we launched a campaign for lead generation. Smolartchik’s call to action in this campaign made use of the tagline (loosely-translated): “Buy more, share more,” a Hebrew pun based on the kibbutz philosophy of equality and shared possession.
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