Campaign in cooperation with Mako


  1. Stand out above the great noise of the month of online shopping

  2. To market Paypal as the leading payment service in preparation for the month of online shopping in November, while telling the story of the brand as a "cross-border" payment service, which can be paid simply and securely "from everywhere and at any time."

1. Tell the Cross Border story and brand benefits through colorful and authentic content, from the perspective of a Paypal user.
2. After a long search we found Maayan Stern - a digital nomad, traveling alone throughout South America: only her, the van and the dog, Chai. In a series of 6 episodes of 3 minutes each, written and directed by Debby & Ron and filmed by Maayan, we introduced the audience to her fascinating and exciting life. In each episode, we are exposed to a new experience in her journey, with Paypal standing at the center, and therefore enables her to fulfill her dreams and solve all her problems - simply, without a purse, anywhere and at any moment in time.
3. The online series was accompanied by a series of articles about the brand in the context of shopping month.
The online series was launched on the MAKO website and on the MAKO Facebook page, breaking all the benchmark records of branded content in MAKO, and even received follow-ups and coverage on the big screen.
In numbers:
About 600 K views
About 2,000 comments
About 600 shares
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