Leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution from Israel

Intel is one of the leading players amongst the multinational corporations operating in Israel. And while most have established R&D centers based on acquisitions of local startup companies, Intel has established three R&D centers and a manufacturing FAB to produce the world's most advanced microprocessors.


Intel is Israel's largest private employer, with more than 11,000 direct employees, and an additional 30,000 jobs within Israeli companies, which provide supplies and services. In 2016, the corporation exported $3.3 billion of hi-tech equipment, which constitutes eight percent of the country's entire tech exports for the year.

Intel has an enormous impact on Israel's economic growth and society; from supporting STEM education across the country, fostering innovation and technological excellence to championing corporate ethics.


After years of focusing on microprocessors for computers, Intel believes in the growth potential of the fourth industrial revolution, in which the vast amount of data generated by sensors and connected devices will require a seamless synergy of computing power, connectivity, and cloud infrastructure. Israel, which has assumed a central role in the company's strategy, will continue to support the company's revenue and cutting-edge technological innovation.

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